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Care-Creativity-Courage-Collaboration-Christian Faith

COVID-19 2020

Planned return arrangements 22.5.2020

Planning for a proposed return to school from 1.6.2020

As you know, we are now planning for a proposed return to school from 1.6.20, for the identified year groups (Reception, Y1 & Y6).  The guidance for schools around this sets very strict limits on numbers and group sizes.  In order to fit everyone safely within the school building and staff the smaller groups, it has been agreed by our Trust that these year groups will be attending on a part-time basis across the week.  Our plan is that half of the children will attend on Monday and Tuesday and the other half will attend on Thursday and Friday (full days).  No children will be able to enter the school if we are not expecting them.


Children in Nursery are also invited to return to school.  At this point, again in order to ensure everyone’s safety, we are limiting numbers to only the children who are due to start school in September so that we can support their transition.  


Please note in order to manage safe access to school the timings of the day will be slightly changed: children in Nursery, Reception, Y1 & Y6 should arrive AT 9:15am.  Finish times will be staggered and we will let you know what time to collect your child when we have exact numbers.


This is all very new for us and we will be reviewing how things are working as we go along: it may be that we can increase the number of days and children but in the first instance we have to be able to manage the safety and well-being of the staff and children.  There will be changes around access to school and we will keep you informed as we get more information through: for example, we are waiting to hear from NYCC about school transport; and from Absolutely Catering about hot meals.


Finally, we understand that many of you may have concerns about your child returning to school while COVID-19 infections are still active.  We also know that some children will have family members who are shielding as they are vulnerable.  Sending your child back into school is a decision that only you can make as a parent, and from a school point of view we will continue to support you, whichever decision you make.  The DFE have made it clear that parents will not be fined for non-attendance of their child during this term.

Essential childcare from 1.6.2020

From 1.6.20 the childcare provision for key/critical workers will begin again at school.  We would ask again that this is only used as little as possible: if there is someone at home who can look after your child, then they should remain at home so that we can help keep everyone safe by keeping groups small to protect children and adults.  In order to avoid different groups of children mixing these children should arrive AT 8:45am and be collected AT 3pm, with limited after school provision until 4pm.


As usual, bookings MUST be made through the Google Form below, and will close on Wednesdays for the following week in order to arrange staffing cover.  As above, if the form has not been completed and we are not expecting your child, they will not be able to enter the school building.  Due to the amount of planning and organisation needed, we will not be able to accept ad-hoc bookings by phone message or emails.


Forest of Galtres Primary School is closed to all but those requiring essential child care cover (children of key workers, those with SEN needs and vulnerable children).  From 30.3.20, our essential child care will be be based at Burton Green Primary School.


The single most important action we can all take, in fighting coronavirus, is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives. In response to the Prime Minister’s address to the Nation, we must ask that parents and carers continue to only access the emergency child care cover at the school if you absolutely have to and if there is no one else in your household, who is not a key worker, who can safely look after your child. 


It is essential that we minimise the number of people accessing this emergency cover so that we can adhere to strict social distancing requirements, for the health and safety and wellbeing of the children and our staff.

What do I do if I need to access the emergency cover?
The web forms on this page should be used to book places.  Please note that the forms are closed to new bookings on the Wednesday of the preceding week in order to allow us to plan staff cover.

Please inform the school if your requirements change and you no longer need cover for the days you have booked. 

What is a key worker?

‘Key workers’ are defined as those whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response or those who work in one of the critical sectors listed below: 

  • Health and Social Care

  • Education and Child Care

  • Key Public Service

  • Local and National Government (linked to COVID-19)

  • Food Supplies

  • Public Safety and National Security

  • Transport

  • Utilities, Communication and Finance

  • Key Workers

  • Health Care

  • Journalist and Broadcasters

  • Religious Staff, Charities and Workers delivering frontline services


For a complete list of all roles which the government has classified as ‘critical’ please visit the website